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Summer Wipeout Hottie Jocelyn “Nerd Tease” Peck

The first episode of the Summer 2011 sub-season was “Hotties versus Nerds.” It is interesting how Wipeout calls them Hotties just like this website first named the winning ladies on Wipeout “Hotties”–hmmmm. Despite the the lack of credit from Wipeout, this episode has Jocelyn “Nerd Tease” Peck as the Summer Wipeout Hottie! She didn’t seem so girly-girl as she ended up being the only female to be in the Top 6 and the only female in the Top 3. Again this proves when a person sets a goal and works towards that goal, only GOOD things will happen. As John Anderson said while Jocelyn was in the last course, “She’s full of fight!” Jocelyn did a short interview for a LA News station but with a fuzzy picture also comes a nice interview for the LA Clippers Cheerleaders, which makes up for the lack of pictures. Sadly she didn’t win the 50k prize but now she has many fans 🙂

  1. Joey
    July 12, 2011 at 8:07 pm

    I just watched you on the Wipe Out episode! Such a beauty!! You did a good job!!

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